What does AEI do?

We are a non-profit human service organization that supports adults with cognitive and physical challenges by promoting opportunities for them to become contributing member of society and to achieve their life goals.

What kinds of services does AEI provide?

We provides services for individuals through Day Habilitation, Community Based Day Supports, Employment Supports, Pre-Employment Transitions Services (Pre-ETS) for students, different types of Family Supports, and Transition support for students about to navigate into the adult world.

How do I receive more information about services?

General information about our agency: info@aeima.org

Day programs: Traci Cabral, Director of Day Programs tcabral@aeima.org

Family Supports: Martha Rubi-Rapoza, Director of Family Supports mrubi-rapoza@aeima.org

Employment supports: employment@aeima.org

Pre-ETS: pre-ets@aeima.org

Where are you located?

Please see visit our locations section to see where are different programs are located.

When is AEI closed?

Check out our 2023 Holiday Schedule!

Occasionally we are closed due to inclement weather which will be posted on our website, as well as on our main office phone recording at 508-695-4046.