In honor of the extraordinary dedication to adults with disabilities and life challenges, Attleboro Enterprises, Inc. proudly recognizes the following:

North Bowl Lanes & V-Tron

Community Advocate of the Year Award

Joseph Morrison

Ernest H. Augat Award

Michael Caltieri

John Alves Employee of the Year Award

Melanie Delemos

Direct Care Service Award- Residential Program

Meghan Bottomley

Direct Care Service Award- Community-Based Day Supports Program

2019 Community Advocate of the Year Award

North Bowl Lanes & V-Tron

The 2019 Community Advocate of the Year Award is presented to North Bowl Lanes & V-Tron for collaborating with AEI to provide opportunities for individuals of all ability levels with cognitive challenges to become contributing members of society and achieve their life goals.

North Bowl Lanes

Presented by Traci Cabral, Mansfield Dayhab Program Director

“We are so pleased to present the Community Advocate Award to North Bowl Lanes!

People generally think of bowling as a fun activity and a great opportunity to practice social skills but you may not realize how beneficial it is for our program participants. Bowling helps develop gross motor skills, sensory motor skills, balance, hand eye coordination and overall health and wellness. Our bowling outing also provides an opportunity to work on budgeting and money management.

AEI employees and individuals supported have formed a strong relationship with North Bowl Lanes. Each time we are greeted by Kayla. She enjoys conversing with our folks and they enjoy conversing with her. AEI Staff and North Bowl staff have a great working relationship and systems which encourage a less stimulating transition into the bowling alley.

Participants pay for their bowling and staff provide a list of the people that are bowling with their shoe sizes. Kayla calls names out and hands out their shoes.

This has helped form a positive social experience and a bond of trust as North Bowl Staff have learned our individuals’ names, help with the financial transaction and hand them their shoes directly.

North Bowl is sensitive to our individuals’ needs. They are also extremely accommodating when we need anything extra.

Kayla has even called us in advance and informed us if there is a league there or if they are at full capacity. This allows our folks to make choices for themselves about entering a more stimulating environment or planning a different activity. Around the holidays, a donor at the bowling alley gives our individuals free bowling. They choose to remain anonymous.

Bowling is a very popular activity and North Bowl Lanes Staff go above and beyond to make each visit successful and fun.”


Presented by John Raposa, Director of Employment

“AEI was introduced to the folks at V-Tron by our Board member, Deb Kirby 3 years ago. V-Tron quickly became an internship site for high school students in our Pre-ETS program. To date they have had three interns, two successful and one unsuccessful. However, they don't consider it a failure, it's all a learning process and one that they feel is important.

The V-Tron staff have said multiple times that this collaboration equally is important to them as an organization as it is to the clients we serve. Kevin has managed all of our interns and provided extensive training, support, encouragement and wants nothing but opportunities given to them.

Kevin works closely with Nichole and invests himself in each client individually and wants the absolute best for them. Two interns have been hired by V-Tron for full time positions! One remains employed with the company and has had promotions.

V-Tron exemplifies a strong community partnership, one we plan to keep for many years to come.”

2019 Ernest H. Augat Award

Joseph Morrison

Presented by Jerry Pilkington

Through extraordinary, yet humble, generosity, Mr. Augat helped others achieve their life goals. This award is presented to Joseph Morrison for demonstrating strength and character in achieving personal success which emulates the manner in which Mr. Augat lived his distinguished life.

2019 John Alves Employee of the Year Award

Michael Caltieri

The 2019 John Alves Employee of the Year Award is presented to Michael Caltieri for exemplary attendance, positive attitude, empathy for others, and demonstrated achievement.

2019 Excellence in Direct Care Service Awards

In honor of the extraordinary dedication to adults with disabilities and life challenges, Attleboro Enterprises, Inc. (AEI) proudly recognizes:

Melanie Delemos

Residential Direct Care I

Direct Care Service Award- Residential Program

Presented by Martha Rubi-Rapoza, Director of Residential Services

Meghan Bottomley

Community-Based Day Services Direct Care I

Direct Care Service Award- CBDS

Presented by Ashley Salisbury, Director of Community-Based Day Services

“The criteria for the “Staff Excellence Award” is outlined as an employee who can be counted upon for consistent outstanding contribution and who possesses energy, enthusiasm, and commitment. In many ways, this recipient has exceeded the requirements and expectations of this award, and their ambitions, intelligence, and accomplishments make them highly deserving of it.

It is with my greatest pleasure that I present this year’s award to: Meghan Bottomley

Meghan has been with AEI for just over 2 years and has gone above and beyond to meet the needs of the person she supports. She has supported this individual in achieving their goals and has demonstrated a commitment to integrating them into the community.

Meghan is a hard worker, creative, reliable, and truly takes pride in her position. She’s an amazing advocate and is dedicated to the needs of the person she works with. She exemplifies the values of AEI, and has demonstrated that she truly cares about the people she serves.

Meghan, thank you for being such a valuable member of our team. We truly appreciate your hard work and dedication.”

2019 Staff Longevity

AEI proudly recognizes the following staff for their longevity:

5 Years

  • Zita Borges
  • Jennifer Greene
  • Mary Pacheco

10 Years

  • Pauline Chasse
  • Danielle St. Pierre
  • Kevin Seccareccia

15 Years

  • Jason Corriea
  • Janeka Ferreira
  • Jeff Miller

20 Years

  • Christine Branco

25 Years

  • William Healy

Attleboro Enterprises, Inc. would like to thank you all for your many years of outstanding service!