AEI is partnering with the Taunton/Attleboro DDS Area Office to develop an innovative program that meets the needs of adults (22 and over) who are deemed Autism eligible through DDS / The Department.

This pilot project is geared toward young adults with a diagnosis of Autism who:

  • were not in substantially separate classrooms
  • received minimal supports in school
  • are unlikely to qualify for or benefit from traditional adult day programs.

The goal of the program is to expose participants to a potential social network and assist in building relationships which can carry on outside the scope of this program. Activities are identified and planned by program participants with support from AEI staff and interns from Wheaton College. Activities focus on three main categories, Social/Life Skills, Wellness and Employment.

At each session, AEI offers an activity designed around the interests of participants as the central activity. These may include special interest discussion groups, pizza nights, movies etc.

In addition to the main attraction, attendees will have the option to join a revolving set of skill building/special interest groups such as Job Club, Wellness Classes, Independent Living Skills Classes, Leadership and Peer Mentor development, and Autism Self Discovery groups.

If you are interested in learning more, click here for who to contact.