In January 2023, a full licensure and certification survey was conducted by DDS for AEI's Adult Residential Services, In-Home Supports, and Employment Supports. The Community Based Day Support program had achieved CARF certification and its review was limited to licensing indicators only.

Based on the findings, AEI's Residential Services earned the maximum two-year license scoring 96% of all licensing indicators receiving a rating of met and is certified having achieve 100% of indicators.

Day services earned a maximum two-year license having earned a score of 98% and is certified achieving 100% of the certification indicators.

"The agency is to be commended on respectful oral and written communication with and about those engaged in their services. Throughout the survey and across services reviewed, the agency created and supports a culture in which respect between individuals and staff was highly valued. Individuals demonstrated that they felt free to speak up and express their thoughts. Staff responses were respectful and supportive."

- DDS surveyor