In October, we held AEI's Annual Awards Night and were joined by staff, program participants, Board members, community partners, funding agencies, vendors and many more other guests!

Check out the commentary on our 2023 award winners and take a peak at all the fun had by all. Again, we'd like to thank everyone for the role each of you have played in the success of AEI!

Community Advocate Award
Dogtopia received the Community Advocate Award - Jerry Pilkington, Chris Parrillo, Ryan Saglio
Community Advocate Award
Cathleen Desimone, Mayor of Attleboro received the Community Advocate Award - Shelley Raposa, Cathleen Desimone, Jerry Pilkington
John Alves Employee of the Year Award
Brandon Moore received the John Alves Award - John Raposa, Jerry Pilkington, Brandon Moore, JoAnn Gorman
Augat Award
Brenda Lucke received the Ernest H. Augat Award - Brenda Lucke, Jerry Pilkington
Direct Care Award
Renee Walker receiving her Excellence in Direct Care Award.
Direct Care Award
Lois Rawson receiving her Excellence in Direct Care Award.
Longevity Awards: Marissa Trambowicz (5), Terri Gauvin (5), Ann Rodrigues (15), Marylou Fogg (20), David Bruneau (30)
Longevity Award: Ron Struminski (20) celebrating with Gary Snyder.
Jerry Pilkington, Toni Wolf, MRC Commissioner, John Raposa
AEI Employment Team with MRC guests
CBDS staff: Sheila Chouinard, Wendy Harrison, Mike Boss, Rachel O'Donnell
AEI staff Ashlynn Morse, Rebecca Materne, Brendan Byrne and their guests
Elissa Rice, Meghan Bottomley, Tom Petrasso, and Jen Sheehan
Heather Newman and Kristen Gross with their guests
Michel Michel from World Insurance Associates and Jerry Pilkington
John and Shelley Raposa
AEI program participants with their guests
Nichole Gary accompanied by her daughter and husband and an award recipient's parent
Ryan Saglio and her husband
Melanie Delemos, Jim Cordeiro, Steven Long and Doug Toupin
Jerry and Margaret Pilkington